Welcome to Wiersema Charter Service, Inc. a third generation family-owned and operated motorcoach company based in Morrison, Illinois. Our hands on approach to operating the business means we are in direct contact with our customers on a daily basis.

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In 1967, Marvin & Florence Wiersema purchased one motorcoach while farming near Rock Falls, IL. After an opportunity arose to sell the farm, Marvin and Florence decided to follow a dream of enlarging their motorcoach company. After selling of the farm they moved to rural Morrison, IL and began to grow. The growth of the company was aided when Marvin and Florence's son Larry returned from the Army in 1971. Larry joined his Dad by driving, working on and cleaning the motorcoaches and also making business decisions. For many years Larry and Marvin worked together making Wiersema Charter a well known and respected company. Larry's wife Jan started helping with book work and other reports. Carleen Fisher, the oldest daughter of Marvin and Florence, also joined the company in the office. She is the office secretary and is in charge of customer and charter reservations as well as other duties.

In 2000 Eric Wiersema, Larry and Jan's oldest son, was the first of the third generation to begin a full time career at the charter company. Eric began driving when he turned 21 and has since taken over as the Director of Operations. He does the maintenance to the coaches, oversees the dispatching, safety, and cleaning of the coaches, as well as helping his Mom and Dad with office work. In 2006 Larry and Jan's youngest son, Gregg Wiersema, joined the company after graduating from the University Of Dubuque in Dubuque, IA with his Bachelor's in Business Administration. Gregg started driving part time when he turned 21 until graduation then began driving full time. He also helps his Dad and Brother in the shop and His Mom with paperwork. Gregg is now the Director of Human Resource and also maintains the web site, works with pricing, as well as other duties shared by the family. Even though Eric and Gregg did not start to drive until they were 21 they have been involved with helping their parents since they could pick up a wrench and bring it to their Dad.

Since the death of Marvin in 2001 and Florence in 2006, Larry and Jan purchased the company in 2007. Larry, Eric and Gregg still enjoy driving as much as possible while also trying to spend time with their families. Eric and Gregg are both married and both have daughters. Eric's wife Lisa works outside of Wiersema Charter,but is still an important influence to this family owned company. Gregg's Wife, Jackie, also works outside of the bus company now that she has finished her degree and found a job in the area. When Marvin began in 1967 he started a love and a passion that continues to grow in his family.




TOURS - US & Canada

Our professional drivers are courteous, friendly and work hard to help you enjoy your time traveling. They provide a safe and comfortable ride to make your travel a real pleasure. Our drivers have a combined driving record of over 100 years of professional experience.

In 2012 our tour director retired and Larry started to set up and drive our tours himself much like Marvin used to do. Larry has put in many years in the shop and the office and enjoys the time he has on the road with our customers. We set up our own tours to all parts of the United States and Canada. Whether you are a single or have friends that would like to travel with you, we welcome you on our tours. We no longer send out tour books but information is available upon request!


We can also custom plan a tour just for your group. Groups we have worked with included 4-H, church youth groups, sports teams, college groups, school trips, farm organizations, family reunions, wedding parties, and business groups to name a few. Maybe you'd like to attend a major league ballgame, hockey, basketball, arena football. How about taking a trip to a museum, Washington, D.C., state capital tour, a zoo, theme park? Our office can work with you and use your ideas or make suggestions for new places to try. Our trips can be one-day, overnight, a week, or even longer.


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